Maddie Zahm | Premieres New Single "Eightball Girl"

Premiering the new summer anthem and feel-good music video

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Sofia Ziman

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Known for her empowering and charismatic single ​​ “Fat Funny Friend” and her autobiographical 2022 EP You Might Not Like Her, Maddie Zahm is unique in her delivery of virtuous and succinct lyrics whirled into pop melodies. The duality of Zahm brings novelty to her growing discography.  In preparation for the release of her highly-anticipated forthcoming debut album Now That I’ve Been Honest, Zahm releases “Eightball Girl,” a queer love story in form of a sparkling summer pop anthem. Within the track, Zahm raises the energy with her third single of the album. Being the first love song Zahm has written about a girl, the lyrics are delicately crafted with double meanings and witty lyrics. 

Maddie shares, "I sent it to my best friend who I had a small crush on to ask her how she felt about me. When I went into the studio, I was so anxious and started with that chorus melody. We came up with the idea of calling her a ‘magic eightball’ because I truly didn’t know what her answer would be." The song boasts a classic pop guitar with a catchy hook--it is likely to linger in your head for days to follow.  "We sent it to my team who genuinely thought it was about cocaine- I cleared that up! I will not stop until the hook annoys everyone the way it annoys me after a year of humming it”

The song was released this morning alongside its visual counterpart. The quirky and uplifting music video offers a flirtatious look into the ecstasy of girlhood. The video features Zahm, alongside a group of girls dancing, schmoozing (and shaking some magic eightballs!) against an enticing backdrop of nature and some funky interiors.  

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