Lotus | Fast and fully electric Emeya

Sustainability gets a new look

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Cerys Davies

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Sustainability meets speed with Lotus’ newest model, Emeya. At an immersive launch event in New York City, the model was unveiled proving that gas isn’t needed for a car to go fast. Joining the Lotus lineup as a flagship model, Emeya is one of the fastest fully electric hyper grand tourer models in the world. But it functions as more than just a speedy, dependable car, it helps to reduce Lotus’ carbon footprint. 

Beyond being powered solely by electricity, the engineers at Lotus have worked to ensure that this level of luxury is sustainable in more ways than one. The interior of the model is made entirely from a new luxury material that utilizes repurposed fibers coming from the fashion industry. These fibers are composed of PVD aluminum, Alcantara, Nappa leather, and Ultrafabrics PU.

The four door, hybrid sports car proves luxury, speed, and sustainability can be achieved in more ways than one. The production of the Emeya is set to start in 2024.

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