Photo Highlights from Los Angeles Ballet's 'Next Steps'

Featuring Choreography from Flaunt Alumni Justin Peck, along with Hans van Manen, and a world premiere from LAB Artistic Director, Melissa Barak

Written by

Photographed by

Cheryl Mann

Styled by

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An exemplary program executed by the Los Angeles Ballet at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, as a touch of spring not only lined the afternoon breeze, but imbued the costuming and sentiment of these unique performances.

Featuring the following, as described in the performance literature:  


Choreography by Justin Peck

Music by César Franck

Justin Peck’s Belles-Lettres showcases Peck’s exceptional choreographic talent as he weaves together a tapestry of emotions and stories. Set to a lyrical score by composer César Franck, the ballet effortlessly blends classical ballet techniques with contemporary flair through a series of stunning pas de deux, solos, and ensemble passages, Belles-Lettres explores the delicate balance of relationships, the ebb and flow of emotions, and the power of vulnerability.


Choreography – Hans van Manen

Music – Benjamin Britten

Set to a striking score by Benjamin Britten, Frank Bridge Variations showcases Hans van Manen’s exceptional choreographic genius. Through a series of dynamic and emotionally charged variations, van Manen delves into the complexities of relationships, the intricacies of individuality, and the transformative power of music.

van Manen’s work has always pushed the boundaries of ballet.  Frank Bridge Variations embodies the sensual style Hans van Manen is known for, making him one of the most distinct dance makers in the world.


Choreography – Melissa Barak

Music – Kris Bowers'

Barak's world premiere features a new score by award winning film composer, Kris Bowers. This new work marks a commitment by LAB to collaborate with artists across the creative spectrum, and initiate the collaborative opportunities that are present as an LA-based company, working alongside artists from the entertainment industry.

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