Little Miss Nasty Unleashes Their Seductive Rebellion in Debut Album "Weapon of Choice"

Little Miss Nasty, the dark and rebellious performance art group, releases its debut album "Weapon of Choice." This genre-shattering album combines rock, metal, EDM, and hip-hop, creating a unique and electrifying soundscape. From the powerful vocals to the edgy instrumentals, each song is a call to embrace individuality and defy conformity

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Photographed by Wil Foster.

Little Miss Nasty, the infamous performance art collective synonymous with dark theatricality and rebellious metal burlesque, has finally thrown down the gauntlet with their debut album, "Weapon of Choice."  You have never listened to a production like this, for sure. It's a genre-shattering, seven-track odyssey that explodes with a potent mix of rock, metal, EDM, and dark hip-hop.

Little Miss Nasty is a global phenomenon known for its electrifying live show, "The LMN Show."  Think dark performance art meets rock and metal burlesque, with dancers, aerialists, and pulsating music. They've toured with major artists, collaborated with industry giants, and brought their rebellious spirit to countless stages. 

Their electrifying performances have taken them on tours alongside renowned musicians, they have joined forces with prominent figures in the entertainment industry and brought their rebellious spirit to countless stages. Now, they are ready to release their debut album “Weapon of Choice.”

Photographed by Jason Little.

From the first note, it's evident Little Miss Nasty isn't interested in conformity. The album works as a series of explosions of raw, rebellious energy, effortlessly transitioning from suggestive and inviting beats laced with sexy melodies to edgy rap verses that pierce through the soundscape. Powerful, dry metal screams erupt like sonic bombs, adding a layer of unbridled defiance to the captivating soundscape. This isn't just music; it's a call to arms, an anthem for those who refuse to be confined.

It is difficult to pick favorites from the amazing list of songs present in the album. However, one standout track is "Fantaziya," a masterclass in meticulous production. Seductive vocals slither and weave, punctuated by steamy lines delivered in Spanish. The music itself is a captivating soundscape, melding elements of hard rock with a contemporary edge. Imagine a head-on collision between Joan Jett and Grimes, all soundtracked by dark, distorted electronics. "Fantaziya" perfectly exemplifies Little Miss Nasty's ability to effortlessly straddle multiple genres, creating a sound that is wholly unique and utterly captivating.

Photographed by Jason Little.

Another powerful song is “Buried in Sin”. For this confrontational track, the group also recorded a stunning music video. It is clear Little Miss Nasty is incredibly talented when it comes to visual elements. The contrastive illumination over dark backgrounds highlights the performers’ energetic presence and striking outfits. They range from urban punk to flowing gothic gowns, with a dash of provocative religious imagery – think leather, and upside-down crosses over nipples. The aesthetic perfectly complements the song's disruptive message of self-acceptance. "Buried in Sin" is a powerful visual celebration of embracing your body on your own terms.

Little Miss Nasty understands the power of theatricality. Their music isn't just meant to be heard; it's meant to be experienced. Each track on "Weapon of Choice" feels meticulously crafted to transport the listener to a dark, electrifying world where sensuality and rebellion go hand in hand. It's a must-listen for fans of genre-bending music and anyone seeking a shot of adrenaline-fueled rebellion. Prepare to be shaken and stirred to your very core.

See Little Miss Nasty live on tour this April and May. Tour dates are HERE.

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Photographed by Jason Little.
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