La Valise Tulum | Indulge That Innate Curiosity

Rehabilitate on the Yucatán Peninsula.

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Annie Bush

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What are you really looking for when you itch to travel? Do you want for companionship? Do you seek solace in the foreign? Do you ache for excitability? To willingly transmute your home to a single room, to step out of the reliability of your day-to-day out of innate curiosity about the world around you– these are impulses worth acting upon with the utmost confidence that your desires won’t lead you awry. And, when you travel to the magnificent Mexican beaches of Tulum, the La Valise hotel is the place to indulge these impulses. Should you travel in pursuit of spiritual fulfillment, unique physical activity, rehabilitative beauty practices, nourishing views, or cultural immersion, Namron Hospitality’s flagship brand, La Valise, is happy to provide.

La Valise Tulum, which opened after the lauded success of La Valise in Mexico City, is a two-wing property nestled in on a patch of land on the Caribbean coastline of the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula. The property, which boasts eleven beachside accommodations and eleven jungle-side suites, endeavors to uplift the Mayan character of the community from which it emerged– a structures made of local materials (such as chukum, a stucco made from Mayan rubber trees) and design elements derived from local craftsmen (such as reed lamps and tropical wall adornments), immerse the guests in beauty of the region, both inside and outside the hotel.

The hotel’s three in-house restaurants (La Valise Restaurant, Los Bowls de Guadalupe, and NÜ Tulum) offer a wealth of cuisines and delicious cocktails for the curious palate, while the on-site spa delivers world-class treatments for a traveler seeking corporeal relief. Located conveniently among Tulum’s vast array of white, sandy beaches, adjacent to the second-largest coral reef on the planet, near a vast system of sacred cenote pools, and quartered in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere, La Valise offers a natural playground for guests seeking a reprieve from the greying regularity of a city life.

Yves Naman, the founder and CEO of Namran (the hospitality group to which La Valise belongs), prioritizes his hotels’ sustainability: recently, he began a movement called the Tulum Pledge, a grassroots drive towards low-impact travel. His boutique hotel syndicate marries luxury tourism with local authenticity, producing unique sanctuaries that quench that innate human thirst for adventure.

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