JuneShine New York | Hard Kombucha's Latest Location

A jump to the East Coast.

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Photographed by Liz Clayman

JuneShine is expanding from its home in the West Coast all the way to the East, as they open a new location in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood. JuneShine New York will serve as the city's first-ever hard kombucha tap room, adding to the city’s reputable nightlife scene. JuneShine's brand brings a fresh take to party and nightlife culture, as they’ve created an alcoholic beverage designed to be healthier for those drinking, and better for the planet as well. 

The new location will be a 64-seat space, offering both pints and flights of Juneshine’s ten hard kombuchas and will include a rotating flavor unique to the location-with an on-site micro hard kombucha fermentation system, JuneShine will be able to brew hyper local flavors exclusive to Williamsburg. Guests who are new to the kombucha world will be greeted by a ‘bootchtender,’ an expert in the fermentation process who is able to curate a specific tasting experience based on an individuals’ flavor preference and drink profile. In addition to hard kombucha, JuneShine will also serve canned cocktails, natural wines, and craft cocktails. 

JuneShine was founded in 2018 by San Diego-based co-founders Forrest Dein and Greg Serrao, initially launching with canned hard kombucha brewed with sustainable methods, real ingredients, and low sugar. The brand soared in popularity with the likes of artists, athletes, and creatives such as Cody Ko, Evan Mock, Kimi Werner, and Whitney Cummings. JuneShine New York will be open for walk-ins on Sunday from 1-10 PM, Mon-Thurs 4-10 PM, and Fri-Sat 1PM to 2AM. 

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