John Reed Fitness Brings Vibrant New Gym to West Hollywood

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Rhiyen Sharp

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When COO Colin Thomas first met with me and took me for a pre-opening tour of the  iconic Santa Monica Boulevard location which now hosts the latest John Reed Fitness location, it was obvious immediately that the global fitness brand (who already have 45 locations worldwide) did not have any interest in competing against other gyms in the area, or in Los Angeles at all.

Their latest gem right in the heart of West Hollywood, shows without a single doubt that they have firmly built a lane for themselves, and that is precisely where they will stay.

Located on Santa Monica Blvd, this new, 50,000 square foot fitness hub (another feat that separates it from alternative options, by staggeringly a large amount) integrates the spirit of WeHo into every single little detail, 

Upon entering the club, guests are greeted by a row of opulent thrones and a Disco Lollipop Garden, the start of what soon becomes total visual immersion into the experience the space has to offer.

The abundance of design features range from every room using only custom-made, state-of-the-art Gym80 equipment (they have not simply bought the cheaper, more readily available equipment we're so used to finding at, almost any gym chain nationally). 

The spaces seamlessly incorporating iconography with motivational quotes through their art in a way that is only possible when a brand is prepared to invest heavily back into the community which it is entering into (the fitness group hired a multitude of local artists to create all the work which surrounds you in these beautiful rooms) and well thought out placement of these pieces (grafitti, neons, huge stained glass windows, design objects and murals (just look at the ceiling, while using the free weight benches, and the deliberate choice of placement is evident),

John Reed Fitness has found a way to blend the aesthetic of each unique space while maintaining the brands distinctive club-like ambiance across the entire location, and without loosing the focus of why you are still there - to work out.

Committed to revitalizing the local community, John Reed aims to be a catalyst for change in West Hollywood. This new location is set to serve as a vibrant hub for the community, offering a range of classes, inviting lounges, and live DJ sessions.

Officially opening its doors to welcome membership since October 21st,  2023, Colin Thomas, COO of John Reed Fitness, expresses the brand's commitment to the West Hollywood community, saying, “JOHN REED is the club that the West Hollywood community deserves. It’s bold design, world-class equipment, and carefully crafted playlists pull everything together to create a place where you actually want to be. Aside from the workout spaces, we’ve added spaces that encourage our members to socialize - a much-needed hub for the Boulevard and the community as a whole.”  

Members also enjoy an open-air cardio deck with views of Santa Monica Boulevard from their its second floor level, functional training areas, a cycling studio, group fitness classes, signature Boost Club classes with live DJ sessions, beautiful locker rooms where you can lock away your valuables in faux snake leather lockers and get changed on velvet benches. Beautiful and large dry saunas for recovery and soon for members.

The locations outdoor , open air, lounge pool and hot tub will be opening in time for summer 2024, and no - this is not a micro pool built into a rooftop, or in a basement. This is a large pool, and a very large hot tub - on flat, level, backyard space. A feat which John Reed West Hollywood, is the only chain gym - across all of central Los Angeles to boast.

The Clubs Hours - Monday through Sunday, opening each morning at 5 am and not closing until midnight are perhaps the reason why they don't need aggressive sales staff pushing memberships, this is what attraction - not promotion looks like.

Photos provided by John Reed Fitness

With thanks Yvonne Busch of Bold LA

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