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Artist Jeff Koons set to debut recent artwork on the moon via 4SPACE

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Maria Kyriakos

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On February 22, NASA will be live streaming the historic moon landing initiative started by US Scientist Chantelle Baier, the CEO of 4SPACE, that will showcase artist Jeff Koons artworks in the lunar-sphere. The live stream will begin at 4PM EST, and as the landing milestones occur the artworks scheduled to land will be placed near the southern pole of the moon’s surface by a Nova-C Lunar Lander.

The impressive machines will be carrying artist Jeff Koons 125 one-inch miniature Moons sculptures that each individually reflect a phase of the moon. Each phase of the moon is associated with people from various professional fields and periods in time, representing significant impacts to human life and development on Earth. The following inspirations being highlighted are as follows: Gandhi, David Bowie, Cleopatra, and Leonardo Da Vinci to name a few. 

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