ILUKA | Debuting 'Haunted One'

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Cerys Davies

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Photographered by Nikki Nuemann

"Haunted One” marks a new change in Australian singer songwriter ILUKA’s career. Prior to this single, she was focused on a pop sound, but with her newest single allows to explore her sonic limits, while playing with vulnerability in her lyricism. With a steady rhythm and upbeat guitar, ILUKA uses her raspy vocals to convey feelings of heartbreak and pain. She opens the song with "Do you want me or just my soul?" and continues to build this narrative throughout the track. She adds a level of dimension to her sound. With this new turn in her sound, she is liberated Ever since childhood, she wanted to follow in her songwriting father’s footsteps and “Haunted One” exhibits how she has matured as a musician. Having recently relocated from Australia to Los Angeles, ILUKA is a force to be recognized and heard. 

“I had written 'Haunted One' years ago, and I had always had this feeling about it–there was magic in the room the day I wrote it, I knew it was special. Over the years though, it had been on various album / EP shortlists but none of the industry people around me responded to it like I did. So, I figured I was just personally attached to it, and let it sit there untouched,” shares ILUKA. ”When fans online responded to the snippet I’d shared–the way they connected to it like I did when I wrote it, I knew that it had to be the introduction to this next chapter for me as an artist. A chapter where I’m trusting myself and my intuition more, a chapter where I will be less compromising when it comes to my art and a chapter where I feel more like myself than ever in my music.”

Watch the exclusive performance here.

Filming: Nikki Nuemann

Audio: Dustin Bookatz

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ILUKA, Haunted One