iann dior | “Low Tide” Hurts Just Right

The singer drops new single, “Low Tide”

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Annie Bush

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Photo courtesy of @alexxfigs

Today, iann dior – rapper, singer, and Gen-Z phenom, releases his new single “Low Tide,” an earnest exploration of youthful heartache addressed to an invisible lover. Following recent bitter single, “You Don’t Even,” the singer continues to explore the evergreen pain of feeling scorned by a lover. Lyrics like “Lost my faith by believing in you,” and “You can tear my heart to pieces” texture an all-too-familiar emotional sphere for the singer, who seems to be eternally torn by an exhausting (yet artistically generative!) cycle of loving too hard.

And perhaps that’s why Gen-Z loves dior, who is known for collaborations with all-stars Travis Barker, 24kGoldn, Trippie Redd, and Lil Uzi Vert, to name a few. Our favorite type of melancholy– that of feeling cast off by someone who has less emotional depth than ourselves– is conveyed so well in dior’s discography (see: “Mood,” “emotions,” “gone girl”). “Low Tide” is no different: solemn, Adele-esque piano chords and mopey guitar slides are right on-brand with the singer’s oeuvre, and are so, so deliciously emo.

Listening to “Low Tide” is like pressing on a bruise;  it hurts, but it hurts just right. The weight of the world (or the weight of this toxic relationship) rests on dior’s shoulders, and with a single as catchy as “Low Tide,” we’re glad that he’s bearing that weight. Produced by heavy-hitters Michael Pollock and JKash, the track is arriving as, perhaps, a teaser for an upcoming, longer form project. For now, though, dior is keeping the wallowing, hurts-just-right melancholy alive with “Low Tide.”

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