Hotel Per La | A Dreamlike Getaway in the City of Angels

Majesty Takes Place in Downtown

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Cassey Ayala

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Residing in the heart of Los Angeles, surrounded by the perpetual avenues of Downtown, lies Hotel Per La, Autograph Collection, a residency that has been reimagined. With over 200 rooms and suites, the 12-story hotel has remained loyal to the building’s memorable architecture; further immersing its guests into an experience of majesty amidst a cosmopolitan city. Exhibiting an essence of Neoclassicism, Hotel Per La encompasses the features of marble floors and embellished ceilings of hues of blue and gold, all while embracing the spirit of Los Angeles. 

Upon entry resides a floral oasis followed by an ethereal passageway of mirrors, guiding the way into the grand lobby and restaurant spaces. The historical property is embellished with unparalleled furnishings and beaming shades of color, an epitome of the work of interior designer Jaqui Seerman, welcomed by rays of California sunshine through each window. Drawing inspiration from Italy and designed by French architect and designer Jacques Garcia, guest rooms reflect the shades of the lobby amongst Persian rugs of antiquity and vintage artworks from around the world. Promising to embody an ambience of luxury, the bathrooms are lined with Terrazzo floored walk-in showers, complete with bath amenities from Argan Perfume d’arganier. With lustrous shades of gold and soothing tones of blue, each room offers a warm welcome to its inhabitants, promising a pleasant stay. 

Alongside the building's memorable design, Hotel Per La is inhabited by a variety of restaurants and bars. Known for its unmatched Italian cuisine, Ristorante Per L’Ora invites a home-like presence amongst its immaculate interior lighting. Its 20-foot ceiling and fair palette evokes an essence of comfortability alongside its Italian dishes. 

Bar Clara, an especially memorable feature of the metropolitan hotel, is a rooftop bar, basking in the spirit of inclusivity. The bar’s Mediterranean-inspired cuisine is accompanied by incomparable cityscape views, complete with marble counters. Sitting at the far end of Bar Clara’s landscape is a replica of the Orcus Mouth, featuring the words “Missa omnium cogitationem,” (any whispers made into the mouth will be heard by all), exhibiting a symbol of welcoming all guests that arrive. 

Set in the city of angels, Hotel Per La offers an amiable presence for its visitors amongst its iconic, bustling city, promising to capture the exceptional experience of Los Angeles and its variety of cultures.

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