Havanna Winter | New Single 'Tornado'

Re-enter the world of Oz

Written by

Cerys Davies

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Instead of following Dorothy down the yellow brick road, Havanna Winter redefines the classic imagery of the “Wizard of Oz” with her video “Tornado.” The newest release from the 17 year old TikTok sensation highlights her storytelling abilities within her music. From a blue gingham to a small dog in a woven basket and ruby slippers, the soft toned pop tune is about more than just a love for the “Wizard of Oz.” 

Havanna Winter was born in Oslo, Norway and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 9. The singer first gained traction on TikTok and has continued to grow an audience with her acting skills and musical releases. With five songs under her belt, she plans to keep releasing songs that deliver more than just a sonic experience, but a cinematic one. With “Tornado,” Winter not only tells a story through her lyrics, but through the ability to transport viewers into the imaginary world of Oz. The song itself follows the story of a girl using adventure as a form of escapism from her toxic boyfriend and reminds listeners to stay strong in times of hardship. Within the video, Winter and her friends embark on a similar journey where they support each other and learn meaningful lessons along the way. 

“This project is close to my heart. I think we all know or have come across people who are not genuine or have our best interest in mind sometime in our lives, and this song is made as a reminder not to let our fears and insecurities win, and to remember our own strength, because we can all get a little lost sometimes,” said Winter.

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Havanna Winter, Tornado