Gloom Girl MFG | Premiering new video "Crimes"

The punk quartet is Nashville's newest addition to the city's indie bloom Produced by Cage The Elephant's Brad Shultz

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Beyond the honky-tonk buses and hot chicken – buzzes a gritty indie rock movement that is burgeoning with musical renaissance in the heart of Nashville. Beloved music venues are welcoming more Nashville indie bands, infiltrating a refreshing genre into the country roots of the city. Like four-piece GLOOM GIRL MFG. Produced by Brad Shultz from Cage The Elephant, the band is led by front-woman Paige MacKinnon, drummer Connor McCourt, guitarist Ethan Waggoner, and bassist Stephen Sobolewski. "Crimes" their new lead single premiering today ahead of their upcoming album Polycrisis, is the pioneer projecting energy that promises something powerful and current.

The single holds enthralling thrashing guitar moments and dynamic rhythms, emulating that distinctive punk play. The dichotomy is echoed musically through the track that boosts an energy of honest lyrical depth that softly dusts a human quality through the heavier sounds. The band combines nostalgia with a musical escape from the gloom of the world’s burdens around us; fueled by a vibrancy that transcends its tangible spirit.

Page shares, "'Crimes’ is about someone who's right in the middle of an emotional explosion. They're fed up trying to play the game of love as they see it. And through that we’re speaking to a truth about how intertwined our human experiences in the world are with the way we show love to one another. It can be messy and it can be beautiful too." And Brad continues, “Absolutely love working with Gloom Girl! It’s so inspiring to be involved with an artist in the midst of them truly exploring, finding, and pushing the boundaries of their sound.”

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