Glassio Releases New 4-Track Single Featuring Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide

Glassio is teaming up with American singer Rodes Rolling and alt-pop duo Mumble Tide to deliver a unique 4 piece track single. Each track delivers a different take on the subject matter, creating something truly different and exemplary.

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Leslie Jensen

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In the spirit of the holiday season, New York musician Glassio has gifted us with an early holiday present in the form of a captivating episodic four-track release (yes, you read that right) titled "Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?". With a unique sound that combines melodic sweetness with brooding dance beats, the indie-pop musician draws inspiration from Big Beat, Chamber Pop, Brian Wilson, and The Flaming Lips. Glassio has crafted a mesmerizing blend of melodic and lyrically oblique songwriting. Over the past seven years, he has built a loyal fanbase all over the world and has become one of New York City's staple indie-electronic outfits.

"Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?" is designed to be enjoyed in one sitting, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the intricate storyline it presents. Each song serves as a chapter, outlining the four stages of a long goodbye. Through his melodic brilliance and lyrical depth, Glassio paints a vivid picture of this journey, leaving anyone who listens spellbound. This track was composed by Glassio and it features Rodes Rollins and the alt-pop duo Mumble Tide who lend their vocals to the track.

Our first stage is the title track, "Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?", and it represents the boisterous, beckoning, and anthemic promise of change. This track feels like the foundation that holds everything in place. 

The next stage is the lonely Tuesday night journal entry, wishing things hadn't fallen apart. This stage is represented by the Melatonin Version of "Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?". It feels even more alt-pop, as Mumble Tide's and Rodes Rollins’ backing vocals feel strongest within this one. 

Suddenly, you realize that "the world goes spinning on," and you are hit with the realization of how small your problems are in the world and how fleeting life is. "The World Goes Spinning On" is a surreal orchestral piece. With vocals intermingled throughout, it feels almost otherworldly, as if everything is here but not really. It is hard to describe the feelings this song evokes—a sense of peace and calm, but at the same time, uncertainty. The vocals are soft and comforting, and the instrumentation builds slowly, creating a sense of anticipation. It makes you feel connected to something larger than yourself.

Lastly, in the final stage of a long goodbye, we come to the last breath of missing someone before finally moving on. With a delightful piano melody, Glassio gives us the 5 am Version of “Will You Still Come Back Tomorrow?” delivering a soft and tender final track. It creates a peaceful atmosphere that will stay in your mind long after listening.

What Glassio has created alongside Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide cannot be underestimated. While technically we are getting the same song, the end product is four interesting takes. From the boisterous and anthemic promise for change in the title track to the lonely Tuesday night reflections in the Melatonin Version, Glassio weaves a tale that leaves listeners spellbound. With the features of Rodes Rollins and Mumble Tide, each song serves as a chapter in this intricate storyline, with their distinct vocals blending seamlessly together. And as we reach the end, we are reminded that even when things fall apart, life goes on. This release is not one to be missed and it showcases Glassio's melodic brilliance and lyrical depth at its finest. If you're in the mood to try something different, this one is definitely for you.

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