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Franciacorta hosts actor Hart Denton for Emmy Awards

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Franciacorta, the Italian wine brand out of the historical Franciacorta region in Italy, has signed a three year partnership with the Emmy Awards as the Official Sparkling Wine Partner for the award show. Along with the Creative Emmy Awards, Franciacorta also hosts the Franciacorta Bar at the Governor’s Gala, the famous after-party celebrating the Emmy winners.

Solidifying a strong presence in the US market through the glamorous avenue of Los Angeles and its hosted events, the wine brand hopes to instill Italian excellence in every sip consumers taste. FLAUNT sits down with the President of Franciacorta, Silvano Brescianini to discuss the quality of of the wine, the ethos and what it means to be a part of the glamorous, prestigious awards show season.

Can you speak on Franciacorta's ethos and approach to wine-making?

Franciacorta's unwavering commitment to excellence in sparkling wine production is deeply rooted in its meticulous production method, including a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Notably, the brand adheres to the most stringent rules in Italy and Europe, particularly with regards to the limited bottles obtainable per hectare and the minimum aging on lees. This meticulous approach involves a careful blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc grapes, resulting in wines that encapsulate the essence of the region's unique terroir. The ethos emphasizes sustainability and a fervent passion for showcasing Franciacorta's beauty in every bottle, aligning seamlessly with Hart Denton's appreciation for quality and authenticity, making him an exceptional representative for the brand.

What does being included at the Emmy's mean to the brand and its legacy? 

The inclusion of Franciacorta as the Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy Awards is a monumental occasion that significantly elevates the brand's global recognition. This long-term partnership not only ensures a robust presence in the rapidly growing US market but also provides our wineries with unparalleled visibility and an exclusive international positioning. The association with the Emmy Awards not only signifies excellence but also aligns Franciacorta with the sophistication and glamour synonymous with the prestigious event, marking a pivotal moment in Franciacorta's enduring legacy. 

How does Hart Denton, the official guest for Franciacorta this award season, align with the brand's philosophy? 

Hart Denton's multifaceted talents as an actor, musician, and style icon perfectly resonate with Franciacorta's philosophy of celebrating excellence across various spheres. His appreciation for authenticity and artistry, coupled with his charismatic charm, mirrors the elegance and sophistication that define Franciacorta wines. Hart Denton's personal connection with Franciacorta, especially evident in his visit to the region's picturesque landscapes and documented in photos, makes him an authentic ambassador who not only embodies the brand's values but also shares them with a broader audience during the Emmy Awards, subtly emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and a green approach.   

What was the most important takeaway you wanted Hart Denton to experience on his recent visit to Franciacorta? 

During Hart Denton's recent visit to Franciacorta, the aim was to immerse him in the rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes (including not only vineyards, but also lake Iseo), and the exceptional warmth of the local hospitality. Beyond the beauty of the area, we wanted Hart to witness firsthand the dedication and craftsmanship involved in creating Franciacorta wines. By showcasing the diverse settings of the region, we aimed to inspire and fuel his creative aspirations, reinforcing Franciacorta as not just a sparkling wine but a source of inspiration for artistic endeavors.   

Can you speak on the numerous varieties of Franciacorta that will be featured at the awards? Why are they the best choice to serve at the Emmy's? 

At the Emmy Awards, Franciacorta will proudly present a diverse selection of its finest varietals, including Brut, Rosè, Dosaggio Zero, and Saten, showcasing the richness of options that Franciacorta can offer. This comprehensive variety caters to a diverse range of tastes, with each varietal contributing a unique dimension to the overall experience. The effervescence, complexity, and balance of these wines make them the perfect choice for such a grand occasion, further highlighting our dedication to excellence and sustainability, and adding a touch of Italian luxury to the Emmy Awards celebration.

With his successful role in Riverdale and two upcoming films on the way, Hart Denton serves as the perfect candidate to represent Italian wine company Franciacorta at the 75th Emmy Awards. The prestigious award show, which takes place annually in Los Angeles, has signed a three year partnership with the brand to be the Official Sparkling Wine of the Emmy Awards. After Denton visited the region in Italy this past summer, the partnership was a perfect fit for both parties. Together, Franciacorta and Denton celebrate the meaning and importance of sparkling wine, that is paired no better than with a commemoration of actors, by an actor. FLAUNT caught up with Denton on acting and his new found partnership below.

How did you first find your affinity for acting? 

My parents love all things art and entertainment. They took me to every concert that came through Arkansas, and took me to see every movie no matter the rating. They didn’t shelter me from anything and it was a really healthy upbringing in my opinion. The exposure to all that at such a young age naturally built this desire for me to pursue a career in creating. They saw me light up from watching others perform and they signed me right up for every music, dance, and acting lessons and camps available in our remote little area.

And how do you go about choosing your roles?

I gravitate towards characters with depth. The more human and the less shiny. 

What can you share about your upcoming roles? 

I play a character in a movie coming out soon called The Duel, which is unlike any character I’ve ever played. He’s spaced and floats about like a balloon through a wild place. I loved playing Kevin and I had the best time making that movie. Me and the other actors were isolated on a ranch in the middle of the Covid pandemic and we quickly become lifelong friends. Also, the directors Justin and Luke were incredible to work with and I can’t wait to make many more films together.

How does acting continue to inspire you? 

Acting allows me to dissolve into someone else and live in their skin for a while, which inevitably inspires all the other facets of art I enjoy making. Whether it’s writing a song or painting, I’m deeply inspired by every role I’ve ever played.

You are attending the Emmy's with Franciacorta, what are you most looking forward to? 

I’m just excited to be in the room with so many incredible artists who have all worked really hard to get to where they are. Every nomination is such a huge achievement and I’m honored to be there and cheer them all on.

Can you share your most memorable experience from your recent visit to Franciacorta?

The entire trip was memorable honestly. I’m serious, I mean every second of the trip was such a beautiful experience and I think about it constantly. It changed the way I think about so many things. Whether it was hand making pasta at a castle in the Italian countryside with Elysée or racing Porsches at 270 km/h., it really was such an unforgettable trip and I can’t thank Franciacorta enough for setting it all up and scheduling it seamlessly. One life-changing event flowed into another, and I’m ready to go back. I miss the region, but I miss the locals more. Such a beautiful place all around.

In what ways has your trip changed the way you approach and appreciate wine? How do you best like to enjoy a glass? Can you describe your ideal pairing? 

I knew nothing of Franciacorta before my trip, but it is now by far my favorite alcohol. It tastes incredible, it’s so smooth and honestly it has never given me a headache the following day, which is just unbelievable to me. The way the Italians intertwine it throughout their day puts this glaze of shine on every meal from lunch to dinner and I think it’s just the perfect alcohol. It’s light and goes with everything. My house is full of it and my friends are starting to discover why it’s so easy to be obsessed with it.

What do you hope 2024 brings to you?

A movie in the Italian countryside.

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