Elliot Moss | Feeling Things Sharply with New Single "Altitude"

Enjoying the ride includes the downward swings

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Erica Brown

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New york singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Elliot Moss, most well known for his viral hit single  “Slip”, drops “Altitude”, possibly his most unrestrained single so far. Since the onset of his success in 2015, his exploration of emotionality has only run deeper and more meaningful as time has gone on. His discography is a coming-of-age archive as he has consistently released sentimentally poignant sounds since he found success at just 18. A family affair, Elliot’s relationship with music started quite young as he grew up in his father’s studio. After learning bass, guitar, production and much more, Moss has come full circle as he now tours and produces with his father by his side. A rare genuinity can be found when an artist’s first language is their art. 

This, now mid 20’s musician, returns with "Altitude," a sonically smooth discovery that never giving up can sometimes mean completely giving in. Moss has produced everything he’s released and directed many of his videos. The candid nature of his sound and lyrics infused with his hands-on approach provides an intense listening experience with the intent to emote. With the help of Damian Taylor (Bjork, Japandroids, Arcade Fire) as co-producer, Moss provides the deep, dark soundtrack for finding peace in “feeling things sharply,” as the artist himself would put it. Elliot elaborates: 

"It's about a feeling – like coasting, floating, or sliding... I've dealt with depression for fifteen years, and there's some argument for pushing back at the darkest points. But there's also this bliss to letting go of your footing. This dreamy concentration comes wrapped around sorrow... 'Altitude' describes a place I never like to be. But that place can come with a unique directness to my quieter half. So I'm grateful for it, too."

Join Elliot Moss in discovering the hard-earned wisdom that enjoying the ride includes the downward swings. “Altitude,” out now, encourages listeners to find meaning, whatever that means to you.

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Erica Brown, Elliot Moss, Altitude