Dior Spa Cruise | Rejuvenation on the Seine

Welcome aboard a spa cruise like no other

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Adrien Dirand For Parfums Christian Dior

Anchored in the Port Henri IV, wellness reaches new heights with the help of Dior. A newly remodeled yacht named The Excellence sits on the River Seine awaiting Parisians in need of pampering. In celebration of the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris, the Dior Spa Cruise offers specialized holistic treatments, perfect for anyone experiencing fashion week fatigue.

With the help of skilled wellness experts and Dior’s line of beauty products, passengers are welcomed aboard with Dior's signature Tolie De Jouy decor. The upper deck includes a sports deck, juice bar, and for the first time ever a pool. Whether enjoying the sun, cooling off in the pool or relaxing under the umbrellas, the yacht gives passengers the optimal view of the iconic Paris skyline. The Dior Spa Cruise will not stay docked in one place. The circuit will take the scenic route and pass by the Statue of Liberty, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, the Musee D’Orsay, The Louve, and the Grand Palais along with glimpses into the breathtaking cobblestone streets and the 19th century buildings that sit along the river. 

The two hour excursion offers five different spa experiences – Detox, Balance, Reverse Aging, Relaxation and Power – are sure to help heal and relax the mind and body of each voyager. Detox focuses on slimming massages, detox juices, and a fitness flow class that give the body a sort of fresh start. Balance helps to restore energy and a new sense of balance with a series massages and yoga. Reverse Aging utilizes the Dior Prestige Haute Precision facial treatment to help contour and sculpt the face along providing new found rejuvenation. Relaxation spotlights liberating massages and stretches that provide a deep release of stress. Power features a pilates class as well as a deep tissue massage providing an increased strength. Anyone seeking any sort of holistic care is destined to deboard the yacht with a fresh sense of relaxation.

The Dior Spa Cruise provides more than just a beautiful moment of relaxation, but a memorable inimitable experience. After taking a dip, enjoying an antioxidant juice on the upper deck all while drifting by Paris' astounding architecture, passengers indulge a reformative break from the hustle and bustle of Paris life. This Dior experience on the Excellence is available until July 14.

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