d4vd | His Eternal Rise to Stardom

Finding the delicate balance between authenticity and heartache

Written by

Cassey Ayala

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There are times where the thought of taking matters into our own hands can seem daunting, but for 18-year-old singer d4vd, these times were undoubtedly his moments of resilience. And in these moments, his expression of heartache, as well as a love saturated with naivety, touched the hearts of many more than he could have ever imagined. 

Originally an avid gamer, the conception of his melodious journey commenced within the walls of his sister’s closet in their Houston home, following the copyright strikes of his notorious Fortnite Youtube channel. But now dishing out his heart alongside SZA on her S.O.S. tour, d4vd is well on a rise to stardom - and the ascension is never-ending. His commitment to music has brought about a variety of singles, ranging from indie-alternatives to pop to R&B. The phenomenon awakens authenticity in the collective encounters of love, enclosed within the lines of his breakthrough song “Romantic Homicide,” an essential accession of his piercing and elemental EP, Petals to Thorns. Although summoning painful thoughts of depth in his hit, d4vd beautifully intertwines heartbreak with an often unspoken sense of truth and acceptance; in which he reveals, In the back of my mind / You died / And I didn’t even cry / No, not a single tear / And I’m sick of waiting patiently / For someone that won’t even arrive.

And to nobody’s surprise, the honesty of the harsh realities of love in d4vd’s lyrics connected with romantics all over the world. His 24.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify amplified his flair and sincerity, sparking the dawn of his introductory “The Root of it All” tour, a moment made for his fans to revel in ballads of an emotional abyss. 

Stream d4vd’s latest EP, a transformative phase of the evolution of his discography, the The Lost Petals on Spotify.

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