Cuervo Cristalino | Celebrating Cuervo Cristalino Nights LA with Doechii

Hosted at the City Market Social House in Los Angeles

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Bree Castillo

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Cuervo Cristalino is helping tequila lovers set the night in motion by putting on unforgettable Cristalino Nights parties. For their latest iteration, there were enchanting performances by Doechii and Donavan's Yard, along with soul-stirring sets by local talents Joaqu.n and DINA. Guests, lost in the rhythms, swayed under the moonlit canopy, savoring Cuervo Cristalino cocktails.

We spoke with the Cuervo partner and Floridian singer, Doechii moments before she graced the LA stage. See here, the artist on fun times with Cuervo, music as escapism, and the swamp. 

I love how it's kind of, like, cultivating community here in LA. Is there anything that you want to say in regards to, like, community and fun and outgoing ness?

As a performer, I'm really involved in nightlife, and so it means a lot to be a part of Cuervo and just an event that brings people together, especially on the dance floor to make really fun memories. 

Do you have a favorite memory with Cuervo? 

I would have to say, there was a night that I was in the studio when I recently got signed. I invited all my friends and, of course, there was Cuervo. We were just dancing. And I made one of my most popular songs recently actually, “Persuasive.” It was just a really special moment for me and a breakthrough experience experimenting with house music.

You’re always surrounding yourself with this beautiful community of friends. What kind of atmosphere do you hope to create with your music? 

An atmosphere of inclusivity, safety, and just fun, fun, high energy. I love to dance. I love to feel safe and I like to be surrounded by people who accept me. 

What emotion do you think elicits the best kind of songwriting?

I would have to say the best emotion for songwriting would have to be… is creativity an emotion? When I feel creative and when you're seeking to create. When you're super inspired, you're in. And when you're in that space, that's the best time to create for me. 

Is there anything new that you can tease?

I have a really dope single that will be coming out pretty soon called “Alter Ego.” Um, which is really, really exciting and possibly my preview tonight. 

How do you carry the swamp with you everywhere you go? 

I like to carry it with me through fashion, through my love for gators, but mainly through fashion.

We have like a lot of trucker hats tonight because a lot of Florida is inspired by that swamp, kind of like trashy couture type of look. 

And then my last question is how do you keep your heart open?

It has to be with surrounding myself with my wonderful team that's here with me today, my beautiful family, and, of course, creating epic memories like tonight with Cuervo.

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