Crasher | It's Just "Static"

Listen to the lead single off their forthcoming album 'Speaking Terms'

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Brendan Le

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“It’s just static!” shouts frontman David Mead in post-punk rock band Crasher’s newest single. The opener to their forthcoming debut album Speaking Terms, “Static” sees Mead’s lighter timbre float over the gritty bass and heavy percussion. Crasher stretches the track’s title to every facet of their creative expression, from the song’s visuals to its composition. Donning a checkered jumpsuit designed by his partner, Mead and drummer Jordan Krimston rock out in front of a hazy screen blaring with saturated blues, pastel rainbows, and—you guessed it—static. David shares, "For the static video I wanted to pick a fight with static. My partner made me a Static print jumpsuit. We projected a swirling sea of static. We made a surround of TV's blasting static and put one in the bass drum. I feel like I won my fight with static."

Sonically, “Static” incorporates the sound of TV static into the instrumentation. An envelope of noise floods through any audio output of the song, in addition to an added effect on the track’s bass. The intermittent pauses, the cresting and dropping of the music, contribute to weaving the static motif into the structure. Despite the start-stop progression, each section builds upon the last. The song culminates in a tension-inducing riff that will surely keep the ball rolling into the second track when Speaking Terms arrives on October 10.

David Mead, photographed by Becky DiGiglio
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