Chiiild | Releases All-consuming Album ‘Better Luck in the Next Life’

Where fate and catharsis intersect.

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Tamara Jiji

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Photographed by Vincent Gravel

Chiiild creates music for those in constant search of themselves, for introspectives and inward-lookers alike. Today, the Montreal-born musician releases his third album, Better Luck in the Next Life, an emotionally-evocative collection of somber, yet reassuring tracks. 

Oft described as genre-less, Chiiild finds comfort in the lack of borders he’s placed himself within. With a production style that bears a sonic resemblance to a dreamscape, Chiiild takes his listeners on a journey through his world, during which we are made familiar with the inner workings of his mind. 

In Better Luck in the Next Life, Chiiild offers melancholy-coated lyrics backed by light, airy synths, almost forcing the listener to move, both emotionally and physically, through their emotions. Ahead of his latest release, Flaunt spoke with Chiiild on the conception of his album, what he’s most looking forward to, and how by remaining genre-less, he’s found freedom. 

The album title Better Luck in the Next Life sets the tone for the tracks that follow, can you explain the meaning behind it?

Better Luck In The Next Life’s theme surrounds the idea that you have to take chances and get out of your comfort zone. This album is meant to be a representation of who you become once you take that leap of faith. It is about trusting in the future.

The album itself is incredibly cohesive, with recurring themes of existentialism, love, and self-reflection embedded in every track. Can you walk us through the conception of the project?

The process is subconscious and the theme reveals itself as you work through the songs. If you look back at it you can say there are a lot of themes that poke through. Being an artist means having your finger on the pulse in context with the world around you.

Your sound has often been regarded as genre-less, do you find this to be freeing?

It is incredibly freeing and is something we strive to feel while making music. There is a freedom in taking chances and every album comes with experiments of its own. In Synthetic Soul there was a lot of going back to Sam Cooke. For Better Luck In The Next Life, a lot of stuff that we channeled was trip hop, R&B and alt music from the 90s. 

A majority of the tracks on this album seem to have come from a place of vulnerability. Do you have a particular song that you feel most attached or connected to? 

The song that I feel most attached to on this record is probably “Good For Now.” This song is really an amalgamation of the exact sound we were trying to capture that is the perfect blend of alternative and R&B. 

Better Luck in the Next Life can be described as otherworldly. How do you bring yourself down to earth?

Dogs, aimless walks, and live shows! Live shows are a very grounding experience since it is really just you, your music, and a conversation with your fans in the moment.

Now that this project is finally out, what are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to touring and continuing to create. It is going to be really rewarding to see fans’ reactions to this project, and I am really grateful that I get to see that in real time since the timing for tour and the album release lined up.

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