Charlotte Lawrence | Debuting Her Latest Track, “I Don’t Wanna Dance”

The Time to Embrace is Now

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With every heartbeat comes those natural sensations of intricacy; at times fleeting, and in others, lingering. And within those times, we stumble upon moments that our hearts can only sit quietly for so long before we suddenly find emotions brimming at the surface, forcing us to surrender to its untimely requests. Singer and songwriter, Charlotte Lawrence, knows that feeling all too well. 

From the dawn of her musical presence to now, Charlotte has taken grasp of her emotional transformation and has redefined it into a spirit of honesty and acceptance. Since the release of her first album in 2021, Charlotte, the Los Angeles singer unapologetically breaks into an exploration of heartache and the growing pains within her latest tracks, coming face-to-face with the wonders of existence.

In her latest release, “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” her heart yearns for a sense of solace upon the depths of its sudden, yet demanding realizations. Alongside discovering the resilience in truth, her delivery is gutting as she delicately embraces the matters she’s kept hidden from not only everyone else around her, but especially from herself. Charlotte takes our hands and guides us through those knotted junctures of the heart, encouraging us to step into the most sincere versions of ourselves. 

FLAUNT sat down with Charlotte to discuss the navigation of the twists and turns of emotions, bringing us with her into her universe of love, heartache, and authenticity. 

Your debut, Charlotte, took place three years ago. How do you feel your relationship with music has transformed since the creation of your first album release?

Three years already! That feels insane to me. I will forever respect and cherish all the music I’ve created throughout the years, especially the songs that have made it possible for me to continue to do what I love. I was still searching for my sound back then. Experimenting, trying on instruments and melodies like clothes. I’m so proud of that project. I just listened to Navy Blue last week and had a newfound love for it/perspective on it. I feel I’ve found my authentic self since then. I’ve honed into my inspirations and love of music and am making music I would listen to if it weren’t my own. I think art should grow alongside the artist, and I feel proud of this project! I’m also definitely going to be saying the same shit in 3 years: ‘I didn’t know what I was talking about back then, now I found my sound.’

Your newest song, “I Don’t Wanna Dance” is a fearlessly honest, yet vulnerable anthem that calls upon the desire to openly embrace all of the emotions life naturally comes with. What was the process of creating a track that comes from such a raw and authentic place? Was there a specific moment in time that sparked its foundation?

First of all, thank you so much that is so kind. The process began with building trust with my co-writers Simon & Shy, getting to know each other as it was our first ever day working together, we talked for hours and then this just kind of spilled out. I think the song is speaking on a universal feeling, maybe just saying it aloud versus keeping it in - which I tend to do. I remember Simon played the chords and it kind of took off from there. 

In its chorus you sing, “I'm so done with lyin' all the time // Matter over mind // I don't recognize me at all.” You slowly come to terms with how you feel about the emotional state you find yourself in. Where or how do you find the courage to remain faithful to how you truly feel about the encounters you come across, even if that suggests changes that at times seem intimidating?

I find it so liberating to be vulnerable! My favorite art is authentic. I, like many, always connect to artists who speak their truth and voice their emotions, thoughts, and experiences. It feels like second nature to me. 

How do you keep your heart open to those sudden, yet ever-evolving feelings?

I think that’s just life. Mixed in with a little extra therapy and sensitivity. I’d rather have high highs and low lows than nothing at all, and if you’re not open to heartache then you can’t be open to joy!

What can the world expect from the upcoming era? Is there a certain sound or feeling that you have been gravitating towards more as you dive into future songs?

There’s definitely a lot more alternative and rock influence I would say, as that’s the music I love listening to, but I’ve been writing pop songs since I was 12 and it’s what my brain knows how to do! So, to me, it feels like a mix between pop and alternative. In the past few years, I really made it a principle of mine to not plan out what I am going to write, and instead lead with gut feeling and instinct. This album doesn’t really have a specific theme, except for that of a 20-something navigating life, heartbreak, and joy. 

What has your journey as an artist taught you about yourself? Is there anything you would go back and tell your 21-year-old self during the time of Charlotte’s release?

My journey as an artist, and everything I’ve learned through collaborators and through the simple love of music has taught me more than I could explain. I love learning about the world of music, and I love being able to put words to any emotion I encounter. I was only 21 two years ago, so honestly, I would just tell her to have more fun and party hard because in two years you’re going to have two dogs and want to go to bed at 8 PM every night.

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