Cale Tyson | Returning to Country with Single “Hope You’re Hungover”

A beer-soaked country track

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Today Cale Tyson welcomes his newest single “Hope You’re Hungover,” his first country offering since his debut album Careless Soul released in 2017. After years of musical creation in the indie-folk genre, this single arrives with a video directed by Lucas Markman and represents Tyson's return to country completed with experimental, pop sonics with producer Misha Hercules.

"Hope You're Hungover" is a reflection on the artist's own sobriety, who, according to Tyson, has been sober over the past year after spending 30 days in a Pasadena rehab facility. 

“Writing this song was a bit of a play on sobriety and drinking in general,” says Tyson. “I don’t have to worry about hangovers anymore since I don’t drink, so it’s kind of fun to poke fun at the subject. I’m really grateful to have booze out of my life, if for nothing else: no more hangovers.” 

Photographed by Reto Sterchi

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