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Brigette Romanek is at the top of her game. She's consistently been featured on lists for outlets such as Architectural Digest and Elle Decor, and has worked with celebrity clientele such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyoncé. Romanek Design Studio is one of the most sought after interior design firms in Los Angeles, and for good reason. 

Romanek is driven by feelings, particularly joy. She aims to create an environment that inspires joy in her clients whenever they walk in a room, and she's motivated by the joy she feels from creating and designing spaces. Looking in unconventional spaces for fresh ideas and combining them with a client's hopes and dreams is how Romanek keeps clients satisfied, and keeps her work fresh, everchanging, and evolving. 

Romanek's passion for design and her desire to grow and evolve is what unites her team, and keeps her firm at the forefront of the Los Angeles Interior Design world. Flaunt spoke with Romanek to see more of what inspires and motivates her, as she continues to extend her reign as the Interior Design queen. 

You can find Romanek's work in Issue 186, The Cocoon Issue, on newsstands now! 

In what ways do you believe your background in music informs your work as a designer? 

Music is all about a feeling that it gives you. If it will make you feel happy, heard, sad, etc. Interiors are the same for me, they affect my mood, and that's key. How does the room make you feel, when you're in it? That's my first thought always when I'm designing, I learned that from music. 

How do you believe your approach and lens of designing has evolved? How do you keep things fresh and new? 

I'm always doing my best to research and learn and grow through makers, books, the internet, etc. If I stop learning and growing as a designer, then what's the point? It's always based in the feeling I want to create for my clients first, but then from there, every time, I approach it like it's my first time and what can I do to make it unique and theirs. That allows me to always grow and evolve. 

What are the advantages of being self-taught?

I say this in a very proud way, my ignorance is bliss! I'm willing to try unconventional and odd approaches and put items together if it feels right. It allows me to not have one look. 

What feeling do you hope to express when designing a space? What do you hope the people take home with them when walking into one of your spaces? 

Joy, joy, joy.

Designing a home for someone is such an intimate promise. How do you infuse your client's hopes and dreams into their spaces?

By listening and tuning into what's important to them. Making sure the clients are heard and felt, which can be anything from materiality to their feelings. I know my job is done when the clients are happy. “

What does home mean to you? 

Home is one's love letter to themselves. House is the place where you feel safe and warm. When someone chooses me to help them with their space, it's an honor. I always keep that in mind and I'm forever grateful. I do my best to learn what's important for them to feel, then I go from there. 

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Brigette Romanek, Romanek Design Studio