BETWEEN FRIENDS x Teezo Touchdown | "Redlight"

Red Light Means Go

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Liam Kozak

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Following sold-out shows in Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Toronto, Brandon and Savannah Hudson, the dynamic sibling duo better known as BETWEEN FRIENDS, has just released the music video for their new single “Redlight” featuring Teezo Touchdown. Directed by Kevin Clark, the video is as visually appealing as the song is sonically impressive. Drawing inspiration from the nostalgic aesthetics of the mid-200s Tumblr era and the experimental sounds of home-recorded space-age pop music, BETWEEN FRIENDS are 90 miles an hour in their own lane with the release of “Redlight.” Their second single, “Redlight,” perfectly encapsulates their eclectic music taste, unique production choices and organic chemistry. Created in partnership with the Max Martin team, the new track is a lively, unfiltered pop anthem that brings up notes of MGMT, Crystal Castles, and No Doubt in the same sense that wine brings out notes of the wood it was aged in.  

A thumping bass line and defiant vocals get us ready for a heavy drop, but our expectations are circumvented by a poppy synth bridge and colorful beat that elates the track–until we’re finally brought back to that much-anticipated drop with a simultaneously driving and atmospheric guitar riff. The siblings’ musical prowess sets the perfect scene for Teezo to hop on and spazz out in typical Teezo fashion–without forgetting that he’s a piece in the puzzle of this song. The trio fit together like a ball in a glove and glove on a hand. The result is a rebellious approach to love in the twenty-first century and a pop ballad with the staying power of a tornado in Kansas.

With “Redlight,” BETWEEN FRIENDS have crafted a distinctively indie-infused sound that draws from diverse influences. This new track represents a culmination of the duo’s creative vision, showcasing their narrative-focused approach to songwriting while also revealing a newfound sense of self-awareness. Through exploring the complexities of Gen Z relationship dynamics, “Redlight” captures the ebb and flow of these struggles with honesty and insight. 

Check out the music video here. If you’re going to the Capitol Hill Block Party festival in Seattle this summer–check them out there.

All BTS photos by The Cobrasnake.

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