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Jessica Downs photographed by Michael Seeley.

NRG Recording Studios became more than just a recording studio with the help of Art Rock LA. The organization that focuses on the intersection points of music and art, transformed the studio space in support of bringing a music education to children in underserved communities. This visual and auditory fusion of these two creative worlds involved allowed art enthusiasts and music lovers to come together for a good cause.

The artistic works of JD Shultz, Jessica Downs, Mr. Dripping, and Grammy-winning Christian Chavez hung all throughout the event. Each artist displayed their portrayal of some of music’s most esteemed faces. Shultz edged post-impressionist interpretations of Kurt Cobain and The Beatles, while Mr. Dripping displayed four portraits of Tupac all done through his unique technique of drip art and Chavez's pop art drew inspiration from iconic R&B legends. The Winsor & Newton endorsee, Jessica Downs, known for her use of abstract vibrant colors, sold numerous pieces at the show–one of which is a guitar she painted for charity that will be featured at Guitar Center.

As the studio walls embraced the artistic portraiture of varying muscians, the outdoor space of NRG provided a space where eight musicians from all over the world to share their sound. Musicians like Kash, Trinity Bliss, Tim Johnson Jr., Eiza Murphy, Lenii, Neve, and Nicolette Sullivan played throughout the night in support of Guitar Center Music Foundation and Playing for Change Foundation, both foundations that emphasize the importance of equal opportunities within music.

"Music is such a big part of my life. I'm so delighted to be making a small contribution to making instruments and lessons available to those who otherwise would not have access to creating music," said Trinity Bliss.

Listening to music while browsing the art curation allowed all attendees to understand and embrace the power creative fields can wield. Art Rock LA's next event will take place on October 13.

Contact Sammy at info@artrockla.com for more info.

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