Anish Kapoor | Regen Projects

The artist's abstract paintings find a home in Los Angeles

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Brooke Metayer

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Photographs Courtesy of Regen Projects

Blood-red impasto plumes erupt against vibrant white walls where renowned conceptual artist Anish Kapoor is presenting his new body of work. The exhibit–now open at Regen Projects in Los Angeles–demonstrates his deft handling of paint and translates his defined sculptural language to the canvas.

Long celebrated for creating sculptures that subvert optical perception, Kapoor’s practice has found a focus on painting over the past decade. The paintings in this new collection visualize his concern with the metaphysical dualities of birth and death, being and nothingness, the transitory and the eternal, the entropic and the sublime. The states appear to convulse together on his canvases, leaving behind the aftermath of what has taken place.

Kapoor’s work is held in the permanent collections of art institutions including the Museum of Modern Art, Prada Foundation, Guggenheim Museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, among many others. He studied in London at Chelsea School of Art and Hornsey College of Art, and now lives and works in London. His architecturally scaled work can be found in Chicago, London, Japan, Italy, and more, in addition to a permanent sculpture at 56 Leonard Street, New York.

This is Kapoor’s seventh exhibition at Regen Projects since 1992, and the first devoted entirely to his painting practice. On view now through April 15th.

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Anish Kapoor, Regen Projects