Ampersounds | "Nightdrive"

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Gabriella Madden

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Courtesy of Ampersounds.

Zen Freeman and Fred Falke, aka Ampersounds, have released their most recent collaboration and second single of 2023, “Nightdrive”, along with the accompanying music video. “Nightdrive” is both sultry and upbeat, with tantalizing house beats and stylized 80’s synths come together to make LA club magic and glamor. It sounds exactly what its title feels like, a nighttime drive through a city, feeling electric and alive as you speed down the highway. 

The music video, which premieres today, is a perfect encapsulation of the song. The video, directed by Racing Cowboys and art directed by Cedric Hervet (who served as Daft Punk’s creative director), features supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio driving through Los Angeles in a sleek sports car (at night, of course) doing donuts, evading the police, and kidnapping someone.

“Nightdrive” is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and several other streaming platforms. 

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Zen Freeman, Fred Falke, Ampersounds, Racing Cowboys, Cedric Hervet, Alessandra Ambrosio