“Oh, My Brain” |The Song That Will Make You Think About All the “What Ifs” of Your Life

I could be holding you

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Photographed by Evan Tetreault.

I could be holding you

I could be next to you

I could be touching you instead

The emotionality that encompasses this chorus is the essence of Alexander Vincent's new release, 'Oh, My Brain'. The guitar, the violin, the lyrics, the voice, the atmosphere that the song generates, everything in it screams 'NOSTALGIA'.

And it couldn't be any other way. The author has said that this song was born after thinking - to the point of becoming obsessed - about how things would have been, if his decision had been different, at a certain moment in his life.

“While on tour with my previous band, I met someone I really liked but had to leave her and continue the tour. I wonder what would have become of us if I'd stayed”, he said.

“Oh, My Brain” is a ballad that also has everything to become the song of a good movie or series, because it has enough presence and muscle to identify a setting, given its emotionality and easy-to-remember music.

Alexander distills an intimate sentiment coalesced with profound vocals which are surely the reason why we all resonate so genuinely with his tracks. His honest rendering of heartbreaks, anguish, and explorations makes him unlike any other musician of the moment.

Vincent is not new in the industry. He started playing music when he was 10 years old. He played guitar for a couple of months and then moved to drums. He started playing along to Green Day’s Dookie and anything else he could get in his hands. At the age of 21, he started playing with Canadian singer Justin Nozuka. 

They toured together for 6 years, playing at festivals all over the world. Around 2010, he started getting into making beats on his laptop and slowly started learning piano, guitar, and writing songs.

“I really wanted to become a music producer, So I decided to move to LA and at the same time met the guys from the band Magic! We started that project together and had an insane run on the back of our song “Rude”. Hit the road again for many years. All the while, I was writing and producing for the band and other artists and started writing my own songs finally and finding my own voice”, he said in a recent interview published last March.

Alexander rose to popularity as the drummer and co-creator of the band Magic! He wrote the song "Rude", which topped Billboard Hot 100's chart for 6 weeks, and also was the recipient of 2 Juno awards and several Socan awards. 

He has been working on a full-length album for the past 2 years, being "The Joke (Is Going Over My Head)" the first release of the album. He has also produced for artists such as Sabrina Claudio, Audrey Nuna, Son Lux, Allen Stone, Mahalia, Justin Nozuka, and featured artists as Shakira and Sean Paul on 2 songs by Magic! 

Today, after he made the decision to trust himself and his talent, he has managed to become a preacher of a distinctive style that separates him from the common musical trends.

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Alexander Vincent, Oh, My Brain