Alexander McQueen | Releases First Candle Collection

The iconic fashion house launches its first set of candles.

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Brendan Le

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The Alexander McQueen name has long sat on the intersection of conventionality and progress, mediating the exchange between high fashion and everyday trends. It now looks to adapt its essential modus operandi into new ventures with the launch of a luxury candle collection.

Three different perfumers crafted a scent for the collection, centered around various floral and woody notes, ranging from the herbal patchouli to the intense oud. The trio of candles—titled Ghost Flower, Pagan Rose, and Savage Bloom—are packaged in a sleek, dragon egg-like case reminiscent of the candles’ fantastical names. Ghost Flower, Pagan Rose, and Savage Bloom search for the same balance in aroma that the Alexander McQueen brand aims to strike in design, making the collection a fitting addition to the family.

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Alexander McQueen, Brendan Le