Albertz Benda and Friedman Benda | New Exhibitions

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Gabriella Madden

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Photos by Julian Calero

Albertz Benda and Friedman Benda have announced new exhibitions that opened on February 15th at their Los Angeles locations. Albertz Benda is presenting do you see me?, a group exhibition featuring works from Dustin Harwood, Lanise Howard, Larissa De Souza, Natalie Wadlington, Robert Peterson, and Sydnie Jimenez. Via each artist’s chosen medium, this ensemble show is a representation of the ongoing curiosity surrounding identity through painting, sculpting, and collage, with each artist employing a powerful imagination as they investigate their own subjectivities. 

Friedman Benda is presenting two new exhibitions, including Cine São José, a unique exhibition by Estúdio Campana honoring design extraordinaire, Fernando Campana. The show will premiere a selection of brand-new works and includes an extensive arc of objects, surveying the pivotal impact of Estúdio Campana in the 21st century and referencing key moments from the first 15 years of the studio’s existence. 

Friedman Benda will also feature sculptor and ceramicist Ebitenyefa Baralaye’s solo debut titled, Making Space: Tracing Tomorrow. Presenting three distinct bodies of work, the exhibition reflects Baralaye’s personal negotiation of and concern with the fragmented and transitional presence of the Black diaspora, exploring cultural, spiritual, and material forms, texts, and symbols through a diaspora lens and abstracted through an extensive education in craft and design. 

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Albertz Benda, Friedman Benda