American Contemporary Ballet | The Rite and Burlesque

Don’t miss the ACB’s unsettling twelfth season opener!

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Mecca Woodson

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Just in time for spooky season, the American Contemporary Ballet will commence their twelfth season on October 6th, with an eerie opening production that encompasses the absurd, fiddling with the minds of its observers. The American Contemporary Ballet presents The Rite & Burlesque

Created by ACB Director Lincoln Jones, The Rite imparts the tale of a young woman chosen for sacrifice, with the riveting score that spawned the 1913 riot in Paris. Now regarded as a masterpiece, Igor Stravinsky’s “The Rite of Spring '' chock-full of complex rhythms and strident chords, coincides with Jones's work to create a chilling performance. Following The Rite, the ACB’s elusive Burlesque, a surreal peak into the world of burlesque, will conclude the show. 

Lasting through October 28th, the “The Rite” debuts on October 6th, complemented by an opening night champagne reception.

You can find tickets here. Don’t go alone. 

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Mecca Woodson, American Contemporary Ballet, The Rite & Burlesque