Yugen Blakrok "Picture Box"

by BJ Panda Bear


You might know Yugen Blakrok from her feature in the Black Panther track “Opps” ft Vince Staples and Kendrick Lamar. Now upon her LP release of, “Anima Mysterium” (out 2/1), she has just delivered the new track and video for “Picture Box.” Which sees the high priestess fuse highly stylized afro-mysticism in an fetishistic display of media idolization in the form of a TV kept on with white noise.

Blakrok uses her place in the rap cosmos as a space where the underdog challenges the typically mainstream zone of hip hop. Unconventional to her contemporaries, she is able to still be relatable through words that are plucked from reality.

The self proclaimed cantankerous heretic Blakrok says, “It’s about self-illumination. Fire was the first storyteller, now we gather around a television like in times past. We mimic and echo shadows of ourselves in alternate dimensions through the picture box; characters that influence our thoughts and lives on this timeline. Where do they go when we change the channel or switch off? The mind cannot imagine what does not already exists.” 

Photographed by Christopher Terhart