by Flaunt Magazine


In her latest appearance with YSL’s hashtag series, Zoë Kravitz appears alongside other “Saint Laurent” men and women as they traverse a neo-digital landscape for Saint Laurent Women’s Fall 2018. There is a sense of urgency as they begin to explore the boundaries of their seemingly confined spaces. The imagery alludes to 2017’s Blade Runner 2049 or George Orwells 1984; tensions arise and the music follows suit. What SebastiAn does with his production latches onto our heart beat and doesn't let us get release. Yet an implosion feels imminent. 

“who is she ?”

“where are you? “

“we don't know each other.”

“we are strangers”

are the last things we hear before ringing and then silence; leaving us just as distraught as the models, yet eager to find out what they mean. 


Watch the video below:

Art Direction: Anthony Vaccarello

Director: Nathalie Canguilhem

Talents : Zoë Kravitz, Lennon Gallagher, Erin Mommsen, Noé Martin

Music: SebastiAn