Yeti Out x Coach | Banana Magazine

by BJ Panda Bear

With all eyes on China as one of the leader in the world of luxury and streetwear, Coach recently tapped a crew of emerging Chinese artists: Yeti Out, Zhu Jingyi, Guang Yu, and Sui Jianguo to give their mascot Rexy a new look with the launch of Rexy Remix. Shown as part of the Pre-fall collection presented in Shanghai, Rexy was placed onto the Yeti Out logo, given the 3d treatment and also envisioned in an expressionist drawing.   

To celebrate the launch the music team and collaborator Yeti Out came out to LA to host and DJ a party with Kathleen Tso and Vicki Ho of indie magazine Banana. Speaking with one of Yeti Out’s founders Tom Bray explained the culture which helped create their smiley logo as well as the curation for the music which kept the crowd of Banana mag approved cuties dancing all night long.

Where did the collaboration come from?

Our first chat with Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers was kicked off by a shared interest for Factory Records, which went on to become Paradise Factory, a club we frequented in Manchester circa '06 - '09 - subsequent to Stuart’s dancing years at The Hacienda. 

What is the origin of the design for the Rexy Remix?

For Yeti Out capsule "artist" collaboration for Coach, we reworked the acid house emblem with Chinese motifs, we wanted to show both our stories and inspiration from dance culture in fun and quality designs that only a heritage brand like Coach can help execute. We were also given the chance to work with the iconic monogram print which is really special and personal.

The music was sublime how was the music curated for the night?

Yeti was founded during the mid 00 blog era and UK bass music producer Sinden definitely soundtracked those years - for our party, he delivered an energetic UK garage set, while Mike Gao’s lofi sino beats nod to mode experimental sounds we’re pushing in China. Our good friend Brenden Fowler also opened the night with a fun selection of records, spinning alongside Saigon-via-LA producer Demon Slayer who played cuts from our record label Silk Road Sounds. It was awesome to raise the glass with our LA friends as we kicked off this worldwide release tour, and bring together the creative community to share good times.