Weekend Recall with JP Saxe

by Morgan Vickery

JP Saxe is the alternative/ R&B artist with deliberate and detailed music, magnetizing us into his intimate and emotional perspective. With trance-like synth beats and vocal layering, JP curates compositions that speak to life’s journey: relationships, communities, and past selves, all which contribute to our growth and self-evolution. Pushed to explore his musical creativity, Saxe attributes much to Janos Starker, his grandfather and one of the greats in 20th-century cellist history. Recently, the lyric obsessed singer/ songwriter from Toronto is rising as a prominent vocal hypnosis in the leaning R&B category. We caught up with Saxe in between tour shows [with Harry Hudson] to get a peak of a weekend in his life:

locks are a bad metaphor for love just sayin. keep ya keys, unlock some shit together. 


stopped in marfa for 6 hours and felt instantly artsier. 


“I miss myself” - the *on this day last year* notification my journal app just sent me.. as I’m all mopey and missing the relationship I was in at this time last year. 

im lookin for a cool kid wave. at the moment im rockin with the wiggly i love you hands. 


it’s the holidays cuddle your loved ones


look matthew da moon da moon!

i don’t like beer, im very dramatic and no ones beating me at pool in this bar or any bar... what’s the lie? 

abba dee abba dye

if yall ever want to paint me, this wall is your skin tone swatch

1Y8A1317 copy.jpg

singing songs to you for strangers and trying not to think about you 

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Photography by: Matthew Takes