Virgo Gift Guide Part 1

by Flaunt Magazine

FRIENDS AND FAMILY  caramel topped brownies.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY caramel topped brownies.

From August 23rd to September 22nd the sun passes through Virgo, the mutable earth sign that knows just how to get her shit together. Virgo is symbolized by the woman carrying her sheaf of wisdom. That wisdom comes in different hues, but it centers around efficiency. Being the sixth sign of the zodiac, Virgo follows attention craved Leo. The sun burns bright in Leo, but when the spotlight shines on Virgos they tend to be more demure. The sign is known for her meticulous ways and her need to strive for perfection. Whenever we are looking to get a gift for Virgo it can be difficult because only the perfect gift will do.

MILLA  chocolates.

MILLA chocolates.

More than likely your Virgo is not treating themselves enough. They’re usually strict on discipline when it comes to their food. Gifting them some chocolate to remind them to indulge in the luxuries of life.

MILLA  chocolates.

MILLA chocolates.

Virgos love plants and taking the time to care for their green friends. A kokedama is an ideal gift for the earth sign. They will enjoy the responsibility of keeping a watering schedule for their plant.

PISTILS NURSERY kokedama plant.

PISTILS NURSERY kokedama plant.

Gift your Virgo a Hydro Flask, this sign is all about maintaining their healthy lifestyle. They will appreciate a gift that helps them keep on top of their nourishing habits.

HYDROFLASK  bottles.



Whenever a Virgo has a lot of pent up anxiety they like to blow off steam in style with a cigar. Being fans of classic luxury, your Virgo will take to the idea of ending their busy day with a nice puff.


Virgos pay attention to  every small detail. The home is no exception, they want to have an impeccable atmosphere. Getting your virgo wooden tea-light candle holders will be the foolproof gift to give.

MARMOL RADZINER  tealight candle set.

MARMOL RADZINER tealight candle set.

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner  

Art Direction by  Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell

Written by Collin Schreiber @collinpschreiber