Valerj Pobega | Fall/ Winter 2019

by BJ Panda Bear

Italian designer Valerj Pobega recently presented her offering for Fall/ Winter 2019 with a performance at the BADD House. Utilizing her signature painted silks, she merged the spirit of Liza Minelli via the Weimar Republic in Cabaret with the ghost of mid 70’s David Bowie with his Kabuki theatrics. 

The garments featured exaggerated proportions and asymmetrical constructions that have become a hallmark of the designer’s repertoire. An expressionistic performance highlighted the fluid nature of Pobega’s designs as well as the raw seams and dripped paintings that detailed the garments. 

Charissa Kroeger provided the choreography which had the troop of dancers contorting, flying in the air by way of an aerial acrobatic performers, and interacting with the audience. This performance was soundtracked by Lawrence Rothman, a chilling presentation of starkness that brought the crowd directly to 20s Berlin and well referenced the Bowiesque spirit.

Photographed by: Mekael Dawson