Trailer Drops for Upcoming Film and Oscar Nom' Hopeful 'The Florida Project': Watch Here

by Helen Murphy

Fresh off of a Best Picture Oscar win with Moonlight, distribution company A24 is hoping to put itself back in the game for the upcoming awards season with a slate of new movies, from Kirsten Dunst project Woodshock to James Franco’s The Disaster Artist.

The trailer for one of its best hopes, The Florida Project (from Sean Baker, director of acclaimed indie film Tangerine), just dropped today, and it’s at once whimsical and harrowing.

The film stars Willem DaFoe as the manager of an Orlando motel that houses a group of people who would otherwise be homeless. Over the course of a summer, six-year-old Moonee and her group of friends explore the motel where they are living, as the movie unfolds through the eyes of children, who view their situation as nothing more than a great, fun adventure.  

The Florida Project hits theaters on October 6. Next week, Flaunt premieres a collaborative video done with Prada, starring Project actress Bria Vinaite. Come back soon to watch.

Written by: Helen Murphy