Torbjørn Rødland at David Kordansky Gallery

by Paulette Ely

In the heart of Hollywood this week one of the most titillating and stimulating exhibitions in recent memory arrives as Torbjørn Rødland presents a selection of recent works a new exhibition at David Kordansky Gallery, entitled Backlit Rainbow. The Norwegian-born, LA-based artist has saturated artistic culture since the 1990s with his unforgettable explorations of the taboo, the repugnant, and the strangely beautiful—often all in one well-crafted image. In Backlit Rainbow, Rødland continues to push the artistic envelope with textural portraits that maintain a strong mastery of subversive interplay between identity, transgression, and the unexpected.

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Backlit Rainbow by Torbjørn Rødland is currently on view at David Kordansky Gallery; June 2 - July 7