FLAUNT PREMIERE | Tess Henley "Same Girl"

by Hannah Jackson

Photographed by  Jesse Boykins III

Photographed by Jesse Boykins III

Tess Henley is turning the societal panopticon of the male gaze on itself with her new song “Same Girl.” Henley, multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter-producer extraordinaire, has been an artist since the tender age of three, and went on to compete in several domestic and international competitions, as well as a television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

As Henley explains, “For me, the ‘Same Girl’ video represents being comfortable with your individuality without feeling the need to compete with others. When women can celebrate each other, you really see how beautiful we all are.”

“Same Girl,” an orange-hued girl power anthem was directed by Rosanna Peng, who has brought an empowering, female-centric vision to noteworthy brands such as Hypebae, Skinny Dip, and Urban Decay.

The video cheekily portrays the imposter syndrome in an extremely visceral way: at an audition. Though many women may not be familiar with the identity-stripping experience of an audition, many can relate to the feeling of being judged not for substance, rather for looks. Henley and Peng look to flip the script, reminding the audience to “celebrate both ourselves and each other.”

Henley triumphantly returns from a four-year hiatus with her new EP, Better, which is slated for release August 2nd. Check out the exclusive premiere of “Same Girl” below.


  1. Same Girl

  2. Better

  3. Dean Martin

  4. Love It or Leave It

  5. La La Land