by Britton Litow

Cannabis pre-rolled smokes,  Henry's Original  .

Cannabis pre-rolled smokes, Henry's Original .

Spring is here! 

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, and you’re probably outside enjoying a picnic of Sunny D and Claritin D. Maybe you missed it in the blaze haze of 420, but April 20th marked the solar return of Taurus season! 

Latin for “Bull”, Taureans fully embrace the qualities of their mascot. Hardworking, loyal, and insufferably stubborn, these earth signs are the most grounded sign of the zodiac. 

Ruled by the sensual planet of Venus, they live to indulge in all of life’s earthly pleasures. With some good food, fine wine, and a little bit of greenery to garnish (hint, hint)—you’ll have these bovine beauties eating out of the palm of your hand. 

Indulge their love of nature with a handcrafted potted plant from Sanso or handmade gardening tools from Fisher Blacksmithing. For a Taurus with a different kind of green thumb, gift them with some Henry’s cannabis and Lord Jones CBD lotion. Maybe your friend is less of a Willie Nelson (April 29th) and more like a Wes Anderson (May 1st) Taurus—for the well-organized, symmetry-obsessed Taurus, gift them a desk tray from Graf Lantz or some colorful calendar stickies from Poketo.

For a Taurus with a flair for the ‘finer things,’ we suggest show up to their birthday party with a Chateau Minuty M de Minuty Limited Edition 2017 in hand. And what pairs better with a fine wine than fine art? How about a Coach x Keith Herring camera bag—a statement accessory that disguises their materialism as a nod to high brow art. 

At Flaunt, we’re back on our 'bull' shit, bringing you the best gifts ideas for Taurus season!  

Coach x Keith Haring camera bag,  COACH 1941 , $275.

Coach x Keith Haring camera bag, COACH 1941, $275.

Potted plant in ceramic pot,  SANSO , $63 (plant not included). Garden tools,  FISHER BLACKSMITHING , $139.  

Potted plant in ceramic pot, SANSO, $63 (plant not included). Garden tools, FISHER BLACKSMITHING, $139.  

Perfume  La Femm Prada L'Eau  ,  PRADA , $130. 

Perfume La Femm Prada L'Eau , PRADA, $130. 

Keychain,  S  MALL BATCH SUPPLY CO. , $36.

Keychain, SMALL BATCH SUPPLY CO., $36.

Organizing sticky pad set,  POKETO , $40. Note cards,  THE SELBY , $14.61. Desk tray,  GRAF LANTZ ,  $110.  The L.A. Cookbook ,  Alison Clare Steingold , $40. 

Organizing sticky pad set, POKETO, $40. Note cards, THE SELBY, $14.61. Desk tray, GRAF LANTZ,  $110. The L.A. CookbookAlison Clare Steingold, $40. 

Hopp earrings,  ISAIAH GARZA , $270. 

Hopp earrings, ISAIAH GARZA, $270. 

CBD Body Lotion,  LORD JONES , $50. 

CBD Body Lotion, LORD JONES, $50. 

Swim shorts,  FRESCOBOL CARIOCA , $220-$250.

Swim shorts, FRESCOBOL CARIOCA, $220-$250.

Rosé wine limited edition bottle,  MINUTY BY ASHLEY MARY,  $20.  

Rosé wine limited edition bottle, MINUTY BY ASHLEY MARY, $20.  

Cologne  Eau de Citron Noir ,  HERMÈS , $175. 

Cologne Eau de Citron Noir, HERMÈS, $175. 

Written by Andie Eisen
Photography by Jim Turner  (jimjturner.com) @jimturner
Art Directed by Aitor Saumell @aitorsaumell
Produced by Mui-Hai Chu and Britton Litow