Smooth Lines | Dr. Jart+

by Flaunt Magazine

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Dr. Jart+ began as a skincare line emphasizing clinical excellence, masterminded by Chin Wook Lee and Dr. Jung. The creation of Dr. Jart+ products was led by Dr. Jung, along with a consultation team of 21 other dermatologists.

We recently got our hands on some of their products to see how they stood against our fall transitioning skin. The first step in the Dr. Jart+ facial care routine is the use of Dermaclear Micro Water, a facial cleanser. This purifying liquid utilizes the effects of hydrogen mineral water, removing dirt, makeup, and other impurities from your face. Bask in the glowing effects of some of the softest water to ever touch your skin.

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Step two: Dermaclear Micro Foam. This bubbling facial cleanser leaves you feeling nothing short of radiant. It’s like a breath of fresh air, you know, but for your face. “It literally feels like it’s forcing acne out of my face,” said one Flaunter. Take that how you will.

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The third step in the Dr. Jart+ methodology uses Ceramidin Liquid Moisturizing Toner. Expect nothing less than skin perfection with this one. After washing your face (following step two), you’ll want to apply a generous amount of this toner to your entire face. As one Flaunt associate put it: “This toner is sick.” And, we all agree. You’ll immediately feel a tightening relaxation after application.

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The fourth and final step in the Dr. Jart+ facial journey is the Ceramidin Cream. This cream works as a moisture retention shield, blocking out dryness and saving one’s face from utter dehydration. As a moisturizer, this Dr. Jart+ cream is the cherry on top of a facial feast our skin has so heedlessly devoured.

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Additionally Ceramidin Facial Mask were also a must! It left our skin feeling clean and deeply moisturized, right at a time when the dry Autumn weather is blowing into town. This mask is intended for moisturizer purposes only, a good way to decompress.

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Written by: Chloe Laughlin

Photographed by Jake Harrison