Smooth Lines| Colbert MD

by Morgan Vickery

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Start the New Year right with Colbert MD’s ground-breaking skin nutrition. The world-renowned dermatologist, David A. Colbert, is the head founder and physician of New York Dermatology Group. While teaming up with a leading chemist, the two researched and developed a skincare line with key nutrients and antioxidants in their potent active state. Advanced technologies and plant-based formulas comply to provide the energy of nature through the power of science. We got a hold of the highly demanded secret skin formula in hopes that 2019 will bring a year of good skin.

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Stimulate The Serum

This plant-based serum can be applied once a day to enhance skin texture with powerful antioxidants; the perfect remedy for glowing skin.

Nutrify & Protect Day

This daily moisturizer protects the skin against environmental damage, concocting the ultimate winter hydration. Goji berries and mushroom extracts regenerate the skin to fight off surrounding facial stressors. Apply with sunscreen once a day.

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Nourish Eye Cream

Powerful vitamins and minerals unite to renew a youthful complexion. Gently dab under the eye morning and night to reveal a smooth and hydrated look.

Soothe Night

For a natural, healthy glow, this product ensures the maximum sleep hydration. Chinese medicine and shea butter work to create baby-soft skin. Apply at night after cleansing.

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Tone Control Facial Discs

This highly effective inhibitor aids dark spots to even skin tone. Packaged for on-the-go scenarios; these facial disks should be used twice a week after a cleanser.

Illumino Face Oil

A fusion of herbaceous oils help to soothe and comfort complexion. Massage into cleansed damp skin before bed to expose resilient results.

Photography by: Steven Piper