Chanel's Epic Show Performances

by Corrine Ciani

The legendary Karl Lagerfeld recent passing is still quite a jarring thought. The solemn feeling has extended well beyond the fashion world. The man, the legend, is a symbol of fashion. Whether you can afford Chanel or not, you know the powdery white ponytail, leather gloves, and blackout glasses. An extravagant man requires an equally extravagant taste in music - a taste so vast it requires him to own hundreds of iPods, all of which are dated with the day he uploaded his favorite albums. His philosophy on music was shared in an interview with LeWeb in 2011, stating his belief that, “One should buy music and not charge it for free.”

Take a listen to the Karl-approved artists below.

Cat Power

The story of Karl seeing Cat Power on a pile of Louis Vuitton luggage while smoking in front of the Mercer Hotel in NY can only spark magic.

Florence & the Machine

She came out performing from a shell… enough said!


It was allege that Mr Lagerfeld hand picked the band to perform. We wonder if Michel Gaubert iconic touch had to do with this discussion.

Lily Allen

You know that collection that yield the Chanel wicker basket bags...


The cruise collection that saw the twins performed on the gorgeous Paseo del Prado

Extra credit, a video Chromatics did using their BTS footage of the Chanel SS 13 show for their track “Looking For Love“