Scorpio Gift Guide 2018

by Collin Schreiber

Scorpio loves to be cryptic, and with their demure façade, they can be hard to read. The key with Scorpio is that they are very indulgent. Make sure whatever you get them it will fulfill their darkest desires. A little leather should help.

Scorpio lives in murkiest waters, in the deepest parts of the ocean. She is skeptical and transformative, secretive and probing, meticulous and hypnotic. This sexy sea siren lives with her heart far from her sleeve. She likes to remain cool and calm, but has a vat full of emotions brewing behind a calm demeanor. If she opens up to you, you have been chosen as a confidant. If you betray that trust you will receive the scorn of a Scorpio.

This time of the year, the sun has moved into the sign of Scorpio. This is a good time to shine light on the darkest corners of your mind and dust off the shoe box full of kinky shit you hide on the top shelf of your closet. Scorpio loves anything taboo. Falling in love with a Scorpio will take you on a transformative journey— either you will be reborn like a phoenix or dragged to the underworld.

If you are Scorpio this is your time to shine. The plutonian babes out there are crawling out of hypernation, and they’re hungry. With Venus, Jupiter, Sun, and Mars all in Scorpio there is a lot of energy around this time. Jupiter is going to bring the luck, Venus is going to bring the love and beauty, Mars is going to bring the action, and the sun is going shine the giant cosmic spotlight on you Scorpio.

Each sign rules over a certain body part, it only makes sense that Scorpio rules over the genitals. If you are smart you will get your Scorpio something that will indulge on their sexual pleasures. Don’t be shy on gifting them something naughty, nothing phases a Scorpio.

Photography by Jim Turner @JimJTurner

Art Direction by Aitor Saumell @AitorSaumell

Written by Collin Schreiber @collinpschreiber