Saya Shares First Video Clip "The Moon" From Her Forthcoming EP

by Flaunt Magazine

While we wait for her new EP, Sugar Coated, coming out on September 6th, Saya shares with us a third single from the EP: The Moon, accompanied by a celestial Zhamak Fullad directed music video. With this new single the 23-year-old girl from Toronto explores the ideas of peace, freedom and moving forward. "I wrote ‘The Moon’ in 2016 during a big writing trip in London" Saya says of the track. "In the song I’m riding my own wave of happiness and freedom, on my own time, and in my own world. Moments of peace only come once and a while for me so I’m happy I could translate that into a song."


"Sugarcoated is a really special body of work for me. It’s a concept EP – There are 7 songs on the project and each one connects to the “stages of grief”. I structured the body of work to portray the rise and fall of myself and ego – and the relationship I had been in at the time.  This is my first time releasing music that is really vulnerable. Though I speak of loss, grief and self-sabotage I wanted to keep a constant temper of empowerment throughout the project." -Saya

Sugar Coated is set to release on September 6th.

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Written by: Agathe Pinard