Future Tongue and New Guard Theatre Company present "Sanctuary"

by flaunt

Friday, June 2nd, Future Tongue publication and New Guard Theatre Company will be presenting Sanctuary, an immersive experience using art and live performances together featuring works by a handful of creative artist and individuals. 

Sanctuary is in many ways created as a response to our current political climate and how deeply divided our country is after the wake of the 2016 election. The artists involved will take over a space in downtown Los Angeles to investigate the concept of a personal and cultural sanctuary in response to the contentious immigration reform debate that continues to polarize the country.

The gallery is being divided into four enclosures, each transformed into a living, breathing representation of the artist's personal sanctuary. Drawing inspiration from their respective political, cultural, and spiritual environments, the artists cross boundaries to recreate their sacred spaces. Featured artists including Monica Canilao, Double Diamond Sun Body, Britt Harrison, B. Justine Jaime, and Frohawk Two Feathers use a wide array of mediums and modes including sculptures, works on paper, found materials, photography, painting, and video projections in order to bring their intimate sanctuaries to life.

New Guard Theater Company is crafting an immersive live performance featuring performers Lindsey Garrett, Tess Hewlett, Alex Metz, Jeremy Radin, and Nick Thurston to weave together the installations created by these artists that will include ghost-like characters wandering amongst gallery goers that will reflect and react to each installation. They are hoping that the use of movement and poetry at the event will help to connect the pieces, creating a visceral bond between audience and art.

Sanctuary is ultimately being presented to question the divisions in our society and to challenging ideas that are central to the ongoing national discussion – What does sanctuary look like? Who should be let into these spaces? And can we find sanctuary in our ever-changing culture or should we flock to the temples of our past?

Shepard Fairey will be doing a live DJ set for the opening reception of Sanctuary on June 2nd from 8-11pm at the Little Tokyo Art Complex.

Written by Eva Barragan