Samantha Urbani | "Made In Love"

by BJ Panda Bear

Samantha Urbani_1.jpg

The 80’s/90’s sonic auteur Samantha Urbani is back with the track “Made in Love” after a 2 year hiatus from her last EP release, 2017’s Policies of Power, which flexed her sonic dialog grown from a long education of 80s rare cuts along with her time fronting the band Friends. In those 2 years the singer/songwriter has also worked with clothing as well as designing sets before reemerging back into music through her party Urbani’s Clubhouse at The Delancey.

The dancey track is ecstatic with her signature sound of snappy bass, funky percussions, and sensual synths. Produced by Nick Weiss, the song came to life through the unfortunate passing of close friend and collaborator Sam Mehran who passed unexpectedly in 2018. Crafted with a sense of gentle urgency the song is a step towards adulting as it deals with reclaiming and resolving past relationships outside of the usual petty expectations of post breakup drama.  

Urbani puts it best in her own words saying, “I am a big supporter of making amends and letting go of anything prideful. We are really taught to play games in relationships and to be combative with ex’s and it is just so unnecessary. I think it’s really a huge challenge to let love be a little more malleable and allow it to transition. If you really ever did care for someone, you can be able to continue that feeling through different changes in a relationship. I like wisdom in pop songs about love and breakups rather than anything spiteful.”

The release also coincides with her performance at Babie’s All Right tonight, you buy tickets here