Saint Laurent Rive Droite | Paris & LA

by Flaunt Magazine

The parallels between Paris and Los Angeles continue to deepen in the Saint Laurent universe in Anthony Vaccarello’s special new creation in these two cities of light and dreams - Saint Laurent Rive Droite - an exciting creative and cultural hub that explores the connection between furniture, artwork, rare books, photography, and of course fashion and food. The spaces showcase these wide range of products - an impressive collection of home product, vintage furniture, artwork, rare books, limited editions, which are all available for purchase - while also acting as a performance and event space.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite boasts a wide selection of vintage pieces that includes a sculpture from the Galerie Laffanour and several highly covetable pieces from the Chastel Maréchal Gallery signed by Joaquim Tenreiro and Zanine Caldas Namoreida, a Pierre Jeanneret pony-Sofa and a caned Office chair provided by Patrick Séguin Gallery. 

The collection of vintage furniture pieces are presented alongside an extensive exhibition of African art pieces curated by Anthony Vaccarello. Included is a rare Senufo hornbill bird from the Ivory Coast - showcasing a mythical animal from the Senufo cosmogony and the primordial mythological ancestor. Also on display is an incredible terracotta statuette Nok from Mali, an Ashanti tabouret piece, and ritual objects such as BEMBE, KORANKO, IGBO, IZI IGBO, DAN, BAMBARA or FANG masks, as way of celebrating the rich history of African art and culture.

In the Paris location, there is also the chicest place to get coffee, just opened in September 15. Who doesn't want a Saint Laurent coffee cup with an expertly made cappuccino?

Saint Laurent Rive Droite | 469 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210